No bake Mango cheesecake recipe

mango cheesecake
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 mango cheesecake
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 mango cheesecake recipe
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mango cheesecake recipe
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No bake Mango cheesecake recipe
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No bake Mango cheesecake recipe


No bake Mango cheesecake recipe
No bake Mango cheesecake recipe
Premium cream cheese
Premium cream cheese
Premium cream cheese a

The mango cheesecake recipe is a fabulously delicious cheesecake recipe made with mango puree and cream cheese. This mouthwatering no-bake mango cheesecake blends the creamy texture of cheesecake with the sweetness of mangoes. This recipe is perfect for those looking for a vegetarian option, as it does not contain eggs. Furthermore, you don't need to bake it as it is a no-bake mango cheesecake. It is an Ideal dessert for any occasion, whether it is a family dinner or a birthday party. This mango cheesecake recipe is an easy cream cheese recipe with a vibrant yellow colour and rich flavour.

This 3-layered cheesecake chef-d'oeuvre is sure to become a summertime favourite. It starts with a biscuit crust, then crowned with a mango-flavoured cream cheese filling. Then garnish it with chopped mangoes.


  • Biscuit Crumbs or Graham Cracker Crust

     You can use graham crackers or any other biscuit or cookie you choose for this mango cheesecake
  • Unsalted Butter

     When mixed with crumbs or cream cheese, unsalted melted butter gives you a pure taste without adding any salty flavour.
  • Gao Farm's Chef's Choice Cream Cheese

    Gao Farm cream cheese is a premium cream cheese. It adds a lovely silky texture, and since it has a bit of zinginess, it slightly brightens the flavour. Perfect for our no-bake mango cheesecake.
  • Mangos

    Mangos are the main ingredient of this recipe. Use fresh, naturally sweet Alphonso mangoes in local Indian stores when in season.
  • Sugar

  • Vanilla Extract

    Use vanilla essence, powder, or paste instead for a smooth, even mixture.
  • Fresh Mangoes for garnish

    Use your favourite variety of sweet mangoes for garnishing the cheesecake. You can use Alphonso mangoes for this recipe.
  • Gelatine

    Gelatin gives the cheesecake structure while keeping it light and creamy in texture.
  • Heavy Cream

    You need to use double cream as it not only helps to thicken the cheesecake mixture but also helps it to set.


     Premium cream cheese

    Step 1

    Start by putting the crackers or biscuits in a food processor or grinder, blending until finely ground, and then adding them to a mixing bowl.

    Step 2

    Next, add unsalted melted butter to the mixing bowl of crumbled biscuits or crackers and mix it well until all the crumbs are nicely coated.

    Step 3

    After mixing the crumbs and unsalted butter well, pour it into a springform pan and press down firmly. Spread the crumbs evenly and gently. Once the smooth, even surface is achieved. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

    Step 4

    In a small bowl, take cold water, add some gelatine, stir it well until granules dissolve, and then set it aside for 5 minutes to cool.

    Step 5

    Add three peeled Alphonso mangoes in a blender and make them puree. Transfer it to a mixing bowl. However, you can add more mango as per your choice.

    Step 6

    Add Chef's Choice Cream Cheese from Gao Farm and sugar in the same mixing bowl. Use an electric mixer or a handy whisker to combine everything together.

    Step 7

    Heat the gelatine mixture in the microwave until it is melted and mixed thoroughly; it should now appear coagulated. Please wait 10 minutes for it to cool.

    Step 8

    Add the gelatine mixture to the same mixing bowl of cream cheese and mango puree and stir it well until properly combined.

    Step 9

    Add the vanilla essence to the smooth, even mixture.

     Premium cream cheese

    Step 10

    Pour the filling over the biscuit crust in the springform pan and let it set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.

    Step 11

    Garnish it with some freshly chopped frozen mango chunks. Serve and relish in praises!

    Expert Tips

    Tip 01

    Extracting the cheesecake from the pan is a little tough we advise using individual glasses or bowls. As layering, the ingredients in glasses will offer you more flexibility. Removing the cheesecake from the pan might be a bit tough until you are familiar with the consistency it should have when it is fully set.

    Tip 02

    Try to keep the cream cheese mixture and mango purée at room temperature.

    Tip 03

    We recommend making this the night before you plan on serving it so you have abundant chilling time.


    What is cream cheese made of?

    Cream Cheese is generally made with one or more pasteurised cheese, as well as flavourings, food additives and stabilisers that help make it easy to spread and limit separation. Cream Cheesecake filling gives it a lovely silky consistency and combines a rich and creamy cheesecake.

    What is no-bake mango cheesecake filling made of?

    We use Gao Farm cream cheese as it adds a lovely silky texture combined with our vibrant colour yellow mango puree finely mixed with an electric mixer or a handy whisker to combine everything together.

    What is cream cheese best for cheesecake?

    Cream Cheesecake is a rich, textured cake made with cream cheese, sugar and fresh cheese. Cream cheese with a soft texture and just the right amount of sweetness is perfect for cheesecake recipes.

    Is the mango cheesecake recipe better baked or not?

    Baked cheesecake is better than no baked cheesecake. The main difference between baked and no-bake cheesecakes is mainly the texture. Baked cheesecakes have a dense, soft, moist and smooth consistency, which is impossible with the no-bake cheesecake recipes. However, no-bake cheesecake has a mousse-like appearance.

    Does Amul make cream cheese?

    Yes, Amul makes cream cheese, but we preferred Chef's Choice Cream Cheese as its tastes like premium cream cheese and is smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. In addition, it has one of those essential and healthy ingredients everyone should keep in their fridges.


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