At GAO Farm, our focus is to create
delicious vegetarian products in a traditional and sustainable way.

"With a wholesome experience of natural cooking techniques and international quality products, GAO Farm Cheese Spread is sure to be a treat for the senses and an attempt to epitomise our love for flavours."

Vipul Swarup, Co Founder, GAO Farm

  • Artisanal Cheese Spread
  • A decade of living across continents for study and work exposed me to varied food cultures. It was very overwhelming to see people’s
    passion to preserve their food cultures while also adapting to the taste and sensibilities of a new cuisine.

  • GAO Farm is an ode to our beliefs, yet adapting to the new tastes and flavours from across the World. We at GAO Farm believe in the power
    of nature and work towards a sustainable ecosystem of inclusive growth for our team members and partners. We strive to be India’s top producer of nourishing wholesome vegetarian food & beverages.

"With this I would like to introduce our very first line of products. The GAO Farm’s artisanal cream cheese."

Cream cheese has been around the world for hundreds of years yet is very limited to bagels and cheesecakes. Our cream cheese is made using the traditional recipes blended with local flavours without any colour and flavouring additives and preservatives. You can have GAO Farm cream cheese with anything and everything.