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Cream Cheese

Chef's Choice Cream Cheese

Chef's Choice Cream Cheese

1 Kg

Chef's Choice, 1kg pack, is a premium cream cheese made with the highest quality ingredients. This Gourmet cream cheese is natural, traditional & 100% vegetarian. Chef's Choice is made from cow's milk and has a delicious, soft & creamy texture. It's the ideal cream cheese for baking cakes & pastries.

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It is best to store the cream cheese spread in the refrigerator at 4-6°C. Do not freeze cheese spread, as it will make it crumbly and may cause it to lose its creamy consistency.

Usage Guidelines

Consume as per instructions provided on the packaging.

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Baking Cheese
Cream Cheese Spread

Chef's Choice Cream Cheese is a smooth and creamy cheese perfect for adding a touch of delectable taste to your favourite foods. This premium cream cheese has the highest quality ingredients, including milk solids, iodised salt, and cheese culture. It comes in a convenient 1 kg package, making it excellent for home and professional kitchens.

The milk solids used in Chef's Choice Cream Cheese are carefully selected to ensure a rich and creamy consistency that is perfect for spreading. The iodised salt helps to enhance the flavour of the cheese, while the cheese culture we use adds a unique tang that sets it apart from other cream cheeses. This artisanal cream cheese has a smooth and creamy texture, rich flavour, and a nice dense consistency.

It's perfect for baking cakes, pastries, cookies, and even ice creams. This classic cream cheese is traditional, natural & 100% Vegetarian. Even if you're spreading it on a bagel, using it as a dip for vegetables, or incorporating it into your favourite recipes, Chef's Choice Cream Cheese is sure to please your tastebuds.

Chef's Choice Cream Cheese is perfect for baking cakes, pastries and cookies. But it can also be used in various ways like dips, sandwiches, bruschettas, salads, sauces, chips, vegetables and crackers.

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Milk solids, iodised salt, cheese culture.


INS410 Locust bean Gum, INS407 Carrageenan and INS 452(i)- Sodium Polyphosphate

Frequently Asked Questions

If you see any mould, discolouration, or unusual texture, such as lumps or separation, it's best to discard it. Secondly, smell it - if it has a sour, rotten, or off-putting odour, it's likely spoiled and should not be consumed. Similarly, if the taste is acidic or unpleasant, it indicates that the cream cheese has gone bad. Finally, it’s best to read the label and check its expiry date and consumption period after opening the container.

Gao Farm’s Chef's Choice Cream Cheese is made explicitly for baking Cheesecakes and pastries. It gives your cake a vibrant and creamy texture.

Cream cheese is not typically considered a low-calorie or low-fat food. Cream cheese is relatively high in calories and fat, with one tablespoon containing around 50 calories and 5 grams of fat.

Spoiled cheese can have a variety of different smells depending on the type of cheese and how long it has been spoiled. Generally, spoiled or rotten cream cheese smell like sour milk and have an off odour that is unpleasant and pungent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Manpreet bhela
Value for money

After trying out many cream cheese available in the markets - I found this gives the best results in India. This is the perfect cream cheese for cheesecake.

Seema Singh

Tasty and delicious,I made cake 🎂🎂. it's added flavour, which was awesome

Cream cheese

Best that I have ever tasted. Hopefully they ll maintain the taste and play a long ining

The best out in the market

the texture is dense and tastes very natural, the way I needed it to be. will go for another one once my previous one is finished.

Home chef

home chef using their cream cheese for baking .Premium quality packaging gourmet taste in very affordable price .

100% Vegetarian


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